An intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) is a ballistic missile with a long range (greater than 5,500 km or 3,500 miles) typically designed for nuclear weapons delivery (delivering one or more nuclear warheads). Most modern designs support multiple independently target able reentry vehicles (MIRVs), allowing a single missile to carry several warheads, each of which can strike a different target.

In the last few years, missiles and launch systems have become the new bargaining chip in international diplomacy.
Unfortunately, some can actually deliver nuclear weapons straight to your door.To find out range of different missiles in the world Carlos Labs developed a interesting Google map based tool.

Missile Range Tool

Click on Image below for missile range tool & Select a weapon from the list and the map will be updated to show the potential launch location.

You can also select a weapon and enter an address, if you want to see a map of the range from the new location. Additional weapon ranges can be clicked on the map -very handy to see how far can North Korea or Iran threaten other countries. For new search use clear map.

Classifications of Ballistic Missiles



Battlefield Short Range Ballistic Missile.

less than 150 km


Short Range Ballistic Missile.

150 km to 1,000 km.


Medium Range Ballistic Missile.

1,000 km to 2,750 km


Intermediate Range Ballistic Missile.

2,750 km to 5,000 km.


Intercontinental Ballistic Missile.

in excess of 5,000 km


Submarine Launched Ballistic missiles.

irrespective of range, although usually over 5000km.

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